The current officers and chairpersons of our organization can be reached at the following telephone numbers or by clicking on the email link below:

Presidnet Lew Heady 740-630-7777
Vice President Jeff Tucker 740-517-2064
Secretary Chris Rowlands  
Treasurer Rich Oster 740-350-0923

Committee Chairpersons
Archery Chair Rex Davis


Building Reservation & Events Chair Rich Oster 740-350-0923
Concession Chair    
Concealed Carry Chair    
Conservation Chair Chris Rowlands 7
Fishing Chair    
Grounds Chair Nick Repasky  740-630-6456 or E-mail
Hunter Education Chair Larry Hayes 740-685-6868
Legislation Chair    
Grant Chair    
Public Relations Chair    
Shooting Chair Jeff Tucker 740-517-2064
Scholarship Chair    
Webmaster Scott Brown 740-801-1900 or E-Mail
Youth Shooting